Software for 3Dmodelling


We offer you software 3DESIGN CAD translated to Czech language. Software is determined for 3Dmodelling of jewels. French company Gravotech is author of the software and we work as agent of Gravotech for Czech and Slovak Republic.

Software offers many advantages:

  • Specific functions for creating jewels by assembling of pre-setted parts, automatic pave, channel setting…
  • Deposit of every step of work in "tree". If you decide to change some parameter during finish of work, software converts all previous steps automatically. It is very comfortable for modification of ring and stone sizes.
  • Large libraries of pre-defined elements (Swarowski stones, ring parts…) - just ready to use. You can also create your own library of useful parts. Once you spend time to make e.g. top of ring - you can use it also for pendant and earrings.
  • Picture of design, named "rendering" - almost in photo quality. You can also create a video presenting your design from all sides. This enables you to consult all details of design with customer and to avoid any misunderstanding. You can create virtual catalogue of designs and really make them only when customer decides tu buy them.
  • You can create jewels so much complicated that it is almost impossible to make them by hands.

For more info go to www.3design.com.

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