What is it?

3Dproduction of models is based in CAD-CAM technology.

CAD = computer aided design - design made with help of computer.

CAM = computer aided manufacturing - production supported by computer.

Software used during this work also creates a file which navigates production machine (gives instructions what to do).

Former use of 3Dmodelling was in engineering and architecture but today it is developed in many branches including jewellery.

Computer made design is not warranty of high quality prototype - it depends on machine you use.

There are many machines in marketplace but they usually work by cutting or building of material.

Cutting machines are cheaper but size of cutting tool is limited. It does not enable to make exact minimal parts like collets for stones. Another problem is disability of machines to go to "fourth dimension" - i.e. to cut material from caverns without unclutch model and fixing it back.

More expensive building machines work by adding layers of material. There are various types of technology (3D print, laser sintering, hardening gel mass by laser...). Also differences in exactness are very sizable. We use method which guarantees exactness in hundreth of milimeter, necessary for jewels. For more info please go to Technical parametres of modelling.