Lost wax casting - from concept to finished jewel

For your better insight - here is description of production steps.

You can use our services during whole procedure or only in parts (preparation of model, moulds, castings).

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us. We shall be pleased to allow you all necessary informations.


Customer sends us concept of jewel in some form:

  • drawing with description (size of ring, diameter of stones)
  • photo
  • object with description of desirable modification
  • computer made file which can be directly used for rapid prototyping (STL format is preferred)

We create virtual jewel and send it for approve or check obtained file.


Protyping machine makes model of jewel.


Prototype is added to tree and silver casting is made. If you need an unrepeateble original, it can be casted from gold directly.

Prototype is cleaned and prepared for moulding. Mould is vulcanized and cutted.

Duplicates of prototype - "waxes"- are casted with help of mould.


Waxes are elastic, so it is possible to set stones into.

- -

Tree is assembled of waxes. Then is inserted in special metal cylinder - flask, overlowed by gypsum and burned in furnace. During burn action wax drains off and stones are held on their place by firmed gypsum. There is reversed tree in gypsum now.

- -

Hot flask is taken from furnace and inserted in chamber of casting machine. Metal is melted in other chamber. After tapping metal pours into flask and fully fills place of former tree.


After cooling down gypsum is removed, tree is cleaned and castings are cutted-off.

- -

Castings are machined, grinded and polished to obtain finished jewel.